A friend in every pocket...

The only brand with toys and games built into every pocket!


I wanted to let you know that I got the hoodie today and Chase LOVES it!  When I showed it to him on the computer he asked if he was able to put his hands in the sharks to make them talk and I wasn't sure so when he got it and he was able to he was so excited!!

Cheryl L., NY

Oh my goodness I just wanted to check in and let you guys know this is the coolest, cutest hoodie we've ever owned. My son is in love with it and I had to "hide" it from him because he keeps wanting to wear it now... but it's only a million degrees out there :) and he can't wear it just yet.

We're definitely going back for more! I love that he loves it so much.

Vanessa C., VA

…my kids were pretty upset with me today when I failed to bring their Pocket Frenz. Thanks Marni and Jason! They are obsessed… They even sleep in them!

Christine F., CT

I'm not kidding when I tell u she wears it every day!

Jennifer A., NY

These are Sooo Adorable and Fun!!! Great Gifts for the Grandkids!!!!!

Lorrie B., CA

Sabrina got hers in the mail today. She was so excited she was tearing the box open. It is so adorable. The colors are so cute. I love the soft cuffs and Sabrina LOVES the pockets!

Kate M., NY

Bennett loves his Pocket Frenz! Great graduation present!

Alexis G., NY

Love these sweatshirts!!!!!

Michele S., NY

Pocket Frenz hoodies made my girls dance!  It was hard to get a picture because they wouldn't hold still.... We need to get them made in adult sizes.  I'd wear one proudly!

Jennifer S., IA