About Us

Pocket Frenz® was inspired by our own children's struggles with shyness and separation. Our son would only go to school if he could take his "frenz" (tactile wash cloths) with him. We put his frenz in his pockets so the comforts of home would always be just a pocket away. Problem was, those frenz often got lost during school activities... We imagined a clothing line where comfort and friendship were not only a pocket away, but a functional part of the design. Hundreds of sketches and a patent later, Pocket Frenz® was born!

At Pocket Frenz®, we believe no one should ever feel alone or be without a friend. That is why we build soothing tactile experiences, imaginative toys and interactive games into every single pocket! We pride ourselves on comfort, creativity and durability; and we use only the best fabrics, printing and trims.

Our mission is to empower all kids (and kids at heart) by designing unique, comfortable clothes that build confidence and inspire the imagination. What began as a journey toward ultimate comfort has now evolved into the coolest designs and edgiest styles -- all with patented fun built inside!

We made Pocket Frenz® for our children and we are proud to make them for you and yours... Thanks so much for supporting Pocket Frenz®! We really appreciate your business.

Best Always,



Marni & Jason

Co-Creators, Co-Designers and Co-Parents Pocket Frenz® Apparel